About Us

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Catedral de San Cristóbal – San Cristóbal De Las Casas

About Our Coffee

Our signature coffee is single origin, shade grown in the Chiapas Highlands of Mexico, and 100% USDA certified organic. Our beans are sourced from Jaltenango, and Tenejapa, all grown above 1100m (~3600ft.) with most of them coming from Strict High Grown (SHG) areas above 1400m (~4600ft).

We also source a variety of coffees from around the world. We roast all of our coffee in-house, right after you order it– your coffee is always as fresh as it can be.

 Maya Ixil, coffee farmers in Nebaj working beehives installed near coffee plants. Photo credit: Julia Luckett Photography

Coffee and Bees?

You might be wondering what coffee has to do with bees. After all, Coffee Arabica plants are able to pollinate themselves. Well, it is no secret that the bees need our help. Since the 90s, beekeepers around the world have observed a sudden decline in bee populations. That is why we donate part of the sales from every bag of coffee we sell to BeeInformed.org and The Honeybee Conservancy, whose respective efforts help to monitor and expand the bee population. Thanks to your sustained interest, we can give back to the farmers and the bees that we all depend on.